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97 Ford Expedition 5.4 4 Wheel Drive Misfire on Cylinder 3

On April 1st 2006 I received a phone call that my beautiful 27  year old daughter had drowned in Orlando Florida. I raced around getting ready for the drive to Orlando. At this perfect time our 97 Expedition started running very bad. I plugged my hand held scanner into the port and got a P0303 misfire on cylinder 3. To much going on and I had to leave for Orlando right away. So I asked a friend who the director of  local 501c3 charity if she knew any good mechanics. She referred to a shop that did work on their vehicles for just the cost of parts. I doped the 97 Expedition off and left for Florida. This is the first time in my life I have ever dropped off a vehicle and said fix it without knowing what it would cost.  I told him the story about my daughter and that I usually did my own work. Thinking that he would not rip me off.

I returned 3 weeks later and went to pick up the 97 Expedition. The bill was $540.00, I said what did you have to do?  So he told me this.  He had run a diagnostic check to find the problem $60.00. He then changed the #3 spark plug. That didn’t fix the problem. So he had to change the # 3 fuel injector $240.00. Then he checked the other fuel injectors $240.00. They were fine.  Total price $540.00.  I was just to depressed to argue the point, I had a choice to just cry and leave or beat him for taking advantage of me. I was depresses and beat down and very sad, I left.

I put that all behind me till last week. August 2011. The 97 Expedition started running very bad again. Plugged in the scanned to find P0303   misfire on cylinder 3. What are the chances of that. We bought this 97 Expedition with 93,000 miles and it was in great shape. We live 15 mile from the nearest town so all the miles are highway miles. The person I bought it from lives around the corner. All highway miles for as well. Now I must say I never have changed the spark plugs the whole time we have owned the 97 Expedition. It now has 186,000 miles on it. Yes the all should have been changed by now,but it has ran just fine.

I needed to make a 150 mile trip the next day. So I popped open the hood and looked at the right bank to see it was pretty dirty. It didn’t look like the #3 fuel injector was changed but it has been some time now. I unplugged each of the fuel injectors cleaned them and plugged then back in. Then I sprayed some degreaser on the engine and hosed it off. Then I cleared the codes with my scanner and started the engine. No check engine light and the engine ran fine. Now whats up with that? Why would it the problem always be on #3. I don’t know but I will change all the plugs and maybe all the coils soon. It really makes me wonder about that $540.00 but he went out of business since. The thing is he always had plenty of work, all the time. Well I got ripped off .

Hope this helps someone,

Have A great day,

 97 Ford Expedition