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READ THIS FIRST if you are searching for Gov Petto Scam Scam or Legit, best way to loose  $57.93  Please read this first.

Grant Assist, at, is a website that offers people a kit to help them understand how the government grant system works, and claims that they will give you “step by step directions” that will enable you to get a $50,000 grant from the United States government.

Money provided by the national government to help people successfully accomplish a variety of things – purchase or renovate property, earn a college degree, begin a start up business, etc – are considered government grants.  Applications are required as well as a detailed outline carefully explaining the ways in which you will use the money to achieve your goals, in order to receive these funds.

In order to receive the kit you need from Grant Assist, you must give them all your information and pay a Shipping & Handling fee of $2.97.

The Truth Behind Grant Assist

Grant Assist asks you to fill in your address for shipping purposes. At the bottom of the address form, there is a tiny little footnote that says giving them your address means that you have read and agreed to their Terms & Conditions. In order to actually read the Terms, however, you must click the link at the very bottom of the page.

In their Terms you’ll see that your initial fee of $2.97 gives you a 7 day membership. After 7 days, you will be charged $57.93 for your membership. This $57.93 is a charge that will reoccur every 30 days until you cancel your membership. And while you may cancel at any time, nothing but your initial charge of $2.97 is eligible for a refund.

At no point, anywhere on their page, does Grant Assist mention a membership fee, or a trial membership. To the average buyer who doesn’t read their entire Terms page, the charge of $57.93 will be a complete surprise. That is completely unethical business.

In addition, Grant Assist is located in Ta’L-lbrag, Malta, which means that trying to get a refund could be extremely difficult. Also, it’s not exactly confidence inspiring that a foreign based company is offering to teach you how to get US grant funds.

Finally, the United States government already has a website that explains the entire grant process to you, for completely free. If you are interested in getting information on applying for grants, that is the best place to start.